Turkey Hunts

Florida Spring Osceola Turkey Hunts

Most of these people are trying to fulfill their grand slam of turkeys. Most have already killed the Eastern, Merriam’s, and the Rio. Thus, leaving them with, the hardest to get of them all, the Osceola.

2018 Florida Spring Youth Turkey Season

  • March 10-11 for hunters 15 years and younger.
  • March 17 – April 22 for all hunters

Salt River Outfitters offers exclusive 3 day hunts. Our guided hunts are conducted on pristine private lands, located in Marion County, FL. We have lands with Florida flat woods and swamp bottom lands; each of our properties has its own unique turkey habitat, drawing in the big toms.

All of our guides are top notch, each knowing the lay out of the lands, to better assist you in your harvest. Although there is no guarantee in harvesting a wild bird, our opportunity rate has been 100%.

Each hunter is allowed to harvest one Osceola long beard on their hunt. Although, an additional long beard can be purchased.

The Osceola Turkey Hunt is $1750.00
This includes 3 mornings and 3 afternoons to kill your bird.

Additional turkey fee is $1,500.00

A $500.00 deposit is required at booking.

Lodging at nearby hotels.

Transportation may be required, however, we can usually arrange for pick up, by the guide, from the hotel.

Valid Florida hunting license and turkey permit are required.

Go to www.myfwc.com or Call 1-888-486-8356 to purchase.

sellect-arrow-1Ready to get your Osceola Turkey this year?

Our captain , Shawn Walker, was amazing! He walked us through the whole process, showed us some tricks, and some amazing sights! Including but not limited to: pack o wild dolphins following and playing in our wake, manatees, sea turtles etc. He brought us to some place where he believed the scallops are plentiful and if not took us to another area. As an experienced scalloper for around 11 years he can and will help you find as many as you can hold! If there are low amounts that day/ can’t find many, he will find you two gallons for your family ( the limit per person is 2 gallons of scallops ). Would highly recommend!!

P. D.Scalloping and loads of fun! - Trip Advisor

Duck Hunts

Half day morning and evening available
$130 per person

Fin and feathers (duck hunt and fishing combo)
$180 per person

*Valid Florida hunting licence and duck stamp required

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Osceola Turkey Hunts

3-day turkey hunt
$1750per person

Additional turkey

*Valid Florida hunting license and turkey stamp required
Allowed one bird per hunt. Additional fees for more birds.

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Florida Gator Hunts

We only hunt Florida gators on public lands. We do not hunt in fenced in marshes, farms or ranges. Our gator hunts are wild and intense so be ready for some serious fun.

2 People using your Tags: $1750
2 People using my Tags: $2750
$50 per each additional person

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Central Florida Hog Hunt

Available all year
No license required

We have Hog Hunting Ranches on the Eastern and Western coasts of Florida. Pin Style Hunts and Open range, Spot and Stalk.

Call for price.

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